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Trip to Switzerland

So my trip to Switzerland was only a short one but it was a pleasant one. It may have been for some bad reasons and some good ones but it was nice to see the family in alone way or another. It had been a barrel of emotions throughout the weekend but I just admit […]

Return from epic.LAN (lite)

After returning from epic.LAN my life is about to get very hectic. Not only do I have go travel to Switzerland for a family event I am moving house the same week. On top of all this watch_dogs came out which is very addictive. So everything is likely to go on the quiet side a […]

Back to Development

It’s back to development and addition to things on the website so in essence a lot of trial and error in lots of little things i htink are neat. Then again isn’t a lot of web development/coding etc… a lot of trial and error. practice and research. More to the point however what’s the next useless […]

Minecraft site up and running

So the next website to get up and running was my Minecraft section of my web. Located at It’s nothing fancy yet (i plan to tweak the theme here and there still) and doesn’t have any content but you can kind of see what it’s going to be used for. It will still remain separate from […]

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Dota 2 :: ESL-One

Now as most people will know and understand Dota 2 is a pretty big deal for me, already becoming one of the most played games in my collection. It’s something which I may not be very good at but certainly enjoy. So what is ESL-One? ESL-One is one of the first international tournaments being held for Dota 2 by ESL (Turtle Entertainment) […]